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Writing Persuasive Text

5 Keys To Write Persuasive Text

5 Keys To Writing Persuasive Text

To attract traffic to your site, You need to Write Persuasive Text to develop your mailing list or to gain followers on social networks, certainly.

But its true purpose is to convince your target audience to buy your products or services: quality content must be persuasive, not just informative or entertaining.

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Use the active voice

A small reminder of grammar: the active voice and the passive voice are two different ways of using the verbs in a sentence.

To better visualize these two “voices”, nothing beats a good example:

Active voice: “The police arrested the bandit. ”
Passive voice: “The bandit was arrested by the police. ”
The use of one or the other of these voices does not only change the order of the words, it directly influences our perception of the sentence:

The active voice tends to emphasize the action (as its name indicates), which gives it a “dynamic” side;
The passive voice, on the other hand, takes more distance from the action and its use generates longer sentences with a more complex structure.
And it turns out that the “complexity” of the passive voice affects its persuasive abilities …

To effectively convey a message and be convincing, it is better to use short and “simple” sentences using the active voice.

Avoid negative sentences

The use of negation is to be avoided if you wish to convince your readership: the use of the form “do not …” is detrimental to the transmission of your message and often implies a defect.

So, do not say, “Our watch is not waterproof. ”

But rather something of the style: “Our watch is designed to stay dry. ”

Vary your vocabulary

In point # 1, we emphasized that it is important to use simple sentences. But that does not mean that your vocabulary must be poor!

Using a rich lexical field makes your content more believable and fluid, repetitions can quickly make reading uncomfortable.
What’s more, a varied vocabulary is essential to work on your semantic SEO and improve your SEO.

Don’ts: “Our software helps your business grow its sales day after day. Intuitive and easy to use, our software is the ideal solution for companies looking to increase their sales. ”
To do: “Our software helps your business grow its sales day after day. Intuitive and easy to use, our tool is the ideal solution for companies looking to increase their turnover. ”

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Avoid too generic phrases

“We have the best solution on the market”, “Our customer support is very responsive”, “The quality of our products is at the center of our concerns” …

You have already read and heard such statements hundreds of times, to the point that you no longer really give credit.

Do not repeat this error in your content: ban commercial hooks too generic and, above all, be concrete.

Identify the true benefits of your products or services and put them forward:

“Our product has won 5 years in a row the prize for best”
“We answer your questions on Facebook in less than 5 minutes”
“Our solution can be tested for free for 1 month (no credit card required)”
If possible, support your comments with customer testimonials or any other document that could make you more credible.

Create empathy with your readers

While it is often necessary to keep a certain distance when writing a text, it is important that your readers feel that a human being is addressing them through the lines.

One of the most effective ways to create empathy is to use the “us” pronoun from time to time.

To finish

By following these few principles, Write Persuasive Text you will be able to build more compelling content that will effectively convert your prospects and customers.

However, in order to write powerful texts, it is often more efficient to turn to a professional copywriter who masters the most persuasive writing techniques.